Special Events Luxury Transportation

Every day, you sit at your desk during work trying to get through the day. You check your phone hundreds of time, hoping that something comes along to help break you from the curse of boredom. You’re in desperate need of doing or seeing something exciting to recharge your batteries. Maybe you’ve been anticipating one event for the longest time. You’ve marked it on your calendar, and cross off each subsequent day in excitement. Suddenly, the notification comes through that tickets are available and you grab them immediately. You’re overcome with a rush of emotions as you’re going to apart of this incredible event that you’ll most likely remember for the rest of your life. There’s only one problem: how do you plan on getting there?

South Florida is known for playing host to a variety of remarkable events known throughout the world. You’ll find that there’s something for absolutely everyone, from food to sports to art and so much more. Whether your event is located in Boca Raton or all the way South Beach, Prestige Limousines is there to provide you with the best luxury car service available in South Florida. If it’s your first time visiting South Florida, you’ll find it to be quite difficult to navigate, especially during a large event. We have you covered with premier luxury transportation services capable of getting you to and from your event safely and on time.

Premier Special Event Transportation

South Florida has been home to major events such as the Miami International Boat Show, and the Food And Wine Festival, to the NBA Finals and the NFL Pro Bowl. Thanks to its deep-rooted culture and stunning location, South Florida will continue to be home to major events, such as the anticipated Super Bowl LIV at Hard Rock Stadium in February of 2020. After booking tickets for a major event, you’re overcome with a range of tasks you need to plan, from planning time away from work as well as finding a hotel. The last thing you want is to worry about finding good luxury transportation in South Florida. Thankfully, the experts at Prestige Limousines have you covered.

As the leading luxury limo service, Prestige Limousines want to make your entire experience an incredible one. Our dispatchers will coordinate with our phenomenal chauffeurs to arrive at the airport long before you land. We’ll also make sure that you’ve been picked up from your hotel promptly, so we can get you to your event with plenty of time. Your chauffeur is not only your driver but your guide while you’re here. They’re able to assist you with any questions, such as where the best place to eat is, or what else is there to do during your stay. They’ll always be on call, ready to take you wherever you desire whenever you desire. As a top luxury car service, our mission is to make your stay as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

World-Class Luxury Transport Vehicles

While in South Florida for your event, you’ll have access to Prestige Limousine’s fleet of luxury transportation vehicles. We’re able to accommodate parties of all sizes. Whether you need a town car for yourself, an SUV for a larger sized party, or a full-sized bus for corporate travel, Prestige has the answer. Our vehicles are all updated and clean, so we assure you that you’ll enjoy whichever luxury vehicle you choose.

For over 30 years, Prestige Limousines has provided the best luxury transport services throughout South Florida. We pride ourselves on providing an incredible experience to every client time and time again. If you require luxury transportation for a special event in South Florida, contact us today at +1 (561) 451-2100.